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This is a genealogy blog, its focus - my efforts to research my family genealogy and history. I have a good start on, thanks to the research done in years past - before the internet - by my mother Nancy Thacher Reid* and my brother David. I have plugged much of their data into my ancestry tree and have continued to add from there.
(Nancy Thacher Reid is the author of Dennis: From Firstcomers to Newcomers 1639-1993)

It is my belief that every family, indeed every person, has a fascinating story to tell. No single life is un-interesting if you learn of its details, and no family story is boring. Because we are all part of the human family, our stories intertwine and this is what makes genealogy so much fun. 

My own family history is much like many others. It is filled with early immigrants to Plymouth Colony; pioneers, farmers, sea captains, ministers and tradesmen, women who toiled and bore children and lived and died alongside their husbands and little ones who died young or who grew up and married to add another branch to the growing tree.

I do believe that it is a good thing to be proud of your ancestors, but this should not mean taking credit for their courage or accomplishments or stature. Family pride should mean an honoring of who has come before, no matter their circumstances or station in life, for who they were and the struggles they faced to bring life to the next generations.

Most of my own family story begins in England, Scotland and Ireland, and continues in New England, primarily on Cape Cod, but also Nova Scotia and New York State. You are welcome to these pages, as they are meant to help others who may be researching the same lines, and I would love to hear from my readers via email at:

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  1. Kat~ I am happy to read your blog here (finally found it) and I am encouraged! I am also slightly overwhelmed about how to go about it, but... I enjoy your writing and applaud your research - big time!