27 March, 2014


Starting this genealogy blog for three purposes:

1) to have a place to organize my thoughts and set goals, etc for my genealogical research
2) to provide information for others who may be researching the same lines and
3) to meet other amateur genealogists who may choose to contact me and/or follow my blog

My family history is mostly from England, Scotland, Ireland and Western Europe. My ancestors emigrated to Canada and Plymouth Colony and, later, the states of New York and New Jersey. I have several Mayflower ancestors, and plenty of fascinating characters on the many branches of my family tree.

I am primarily using for building my family tree online. My mother and brother had done a lot of research before I got into it, and that is also in hard copy format.

I tend to work in spurts, going full tilt for a few weeks at a time, and then perhaps not at all for a month or so. For this reason, this blog won't have regular posts, but I will attempt to keep up with it during the periods when I am actively working on my genealogy.  
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SOO.... tonight I am working on a branch of the Thacher line on my mother's side. I'm trying to nail down  John Gray (1628-1674) and his supposed wife Hannah Lumpkin (1624-1717). Their son William Gray (1650-1723) married Rebecca Dillingham (1656-1723) and their daughter, Rebecca Gray married Samuel Berry Jr. There are some questions as to this line that I'm trying to firm up.

The problem is that Hannah Lumpkin is not listed with her parents and 2 sisters in the record of their voyage aboard the "Rose" to Plymouth in 1637. Was it an omission? Or was Hannah someone else's child? Problem is, I can't find any other Lumpkins who could be her parents. Could the surname be wrong and she was maybe not a Lumpkin? Most people seem to have her as Hannah Lumpkin, so my working theory is that she was accidentally left off the record of the family's voyage.

The other problem is that Hannah's mother is cited as being both Tamesin Constable and Tamesin Mayo. I imagine the answer to this contradiction can be found in a book reference somewhere, but I haven't looked too hard for that yet.

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  1. First, welcome to world of geneablogging. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. Next, I have Lumpkins in my family, but I haven't researched them very much. I have Thomasine Lumpkin who married Captain Samuel Mayo on 14 Apr 1681 in Hingham. I have 3 sources for this, if interested. I have Thomasine Lumpkin's parents as William Lumpkin and Thomasine Constable. There is a short article on William in Pope's Pioneers of Massachusetts book. He is in Hollick's New Englanders to 1600 book, and Savage's Genealogical Dictionary of First Settlers of New England. William's will names grandchild William Gray. I haven't found the actual will, this is from the Pope book. Happy Blogging!